Modern organizations and businesses operate in a dynamic and constantly changing environment, where technology is a key pillar of their administration and operation. The managers of businesses, public sector and social economy, need today, a combination of knowledge of Management Science with the modern technologies of Information Science (Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big data Analytics, Blockchain, etc.) in order to operate efficiently and create a competitive advantage.

The graduates of the Department, having been properly educated by experienced Professors and Researchers with knowledge of the new business environment, can work in all the following areas as managers (in the private or public sector), consultants / reseachers or even start their own business as entrepreneurs:

Production and Service Management

Strategic Planning, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Analysis, design and administration of Information Systems

Planning and Project Management


Quantitative methods in business administration

Supply Chain and Transport (logistics)

Modeling of Business Processes and Systems

Human Resource Management, Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

Total Quality Management and Business Excellence


Marketing and Sales

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing


Knowledge and Learning Management